April 20th Tori whelped ten stunning pups, 5 boys and 5 girls. These amazing pups will likely have curly or wavy fleece coats with most being minimal or mild shedding but there is the possibility of moderate shedding**. Oakley and Tori are both very devoted family members. They are smart, willing and love to please. They are going to pass these traits on to their amazing pups. Pups will be avai...
Dill is going to be a nice fit for a family with a quieter lifestyle. He relies on his littermates for confidence so continue to build his self-esteem at home will be priority through play dates with confident dogs, agility practice, etc. He is very affectionate and shows promise as an Emotional Support Dog. His gorgeous soft curly fleece coat will likely be minimal shedding. Both his sire and ...
Rosemary will be a nice fit for an active family that will continue to help her build confidence. Would do well joining other confident dogs, will not try and fight for dominance. When presented with new scenarios she is inquisitive but likes to watch for another's reaction 1st. Once she is comfortable she is very confident and learns very quickly. She has a wavy hair coat that will likely be m...
Ginger to be nice for an active home. She is very smart and will do fantastic in a working home, especially retrieving upland game or waterfowl. Ginger loves to please and is very excited to learn new things. She seeks attention and is outgoing with new people. She has a gorgeous wavy fleece coat that will likely be minimal to mild shedding. Both her sire and dam are OFA certified for hips, elb...
Pepper is extra lovable and observant. Will watch before acting so a family with a confident dog already in the home would be nice for him! Very sensitive to the moods of those around him, shows high promise as an emotional support dog. He will have a wavy hair coat likely with mild to moderate shedding. Both his sire and dam are OFA certified for hips, elbows & eyes as well as DNA tested for a...
Curry is going to be nice for any family, especially 1st time dog owners. He is very affectionate and seeks out people for attention without being pushy. He will do well with other dogs and with proper training will excel at any task. He has a gorgeous wavy fleece coat that will likely be minimal to mild shedding. Both his sire and dam are OFA certified for hips, elbows & eyes as well as DNA te...
Super adorable English Bulldog puppies. So gentle and affectionate. I have one male and one female left out of a litter of 4. This is a great breed for families with children.(909) 251-7494
Super adorable Siberian Husky puppies. So gentle and affectionate. I have one male and one female left out of a litter of 4. This is a great breed for families with children.(909) 251-7494
Very cute, social and lovely Golden Retriever Puppies are here! There are male and female available at this time. These puppies make excellent companions, are well socialized in family, friendly environment, and have a lot of love to give.(909) 251-7494
I have gorgeous AKC registered Golden Retriever puppies available. I own both Sire and Dam. Puppies are raised in my home. I have three males and one female available. AKC registration on a Spay/Neuter contract.(909) 251-7494
Purebred tiny teacup Yorkie puppies. Have you been thinking about a new puppy for yourself or your family? Well this is your opportunity to get it! My puppies will makes a perfect companion to you and your entire family.(909) 251-7494


Muggs is a nearly solid color boy. His coat is a deep, rich chocolate that would make a Hershey's bar jealous! He is one of four boys born to our mom, Butterscotch, who is doing a precious job raising these boys. Butterscotch is a cream color, which is a dilute of chocolate. Dad is Buddy, who is also a dilute of chocolate because of his brown nose, but his coat is orange parti in color. Muggs w...


Bruno is a striking chocolate sable boy. The sable color is most evident around his face, paws, and on his back. As he grows, his coloring will appear lighter as his fur becomes longer. He will retain that darker chocolate sable color into adulthood, though. Bruno is one of four boys from Butterscotch and Buddy. Both parents are chocolate dilute with their chocolate noses, even though they don'...


Biscuit is one of four brothers born to Butterscotch and Buddy. Biscuit is also nearly identical to one of his brothers, Wally. Even though we're around them everyday, it's still difficult for us to tell them apart! Biscuit is a cream colored boy who looks like a chunky pup at this age. Don't worry, he'll soon grow out of that potato stage and blossom into a lovely, fuzzy guy. July 11th is when...


Wally is a lovely cream color, isn't he? His mom is also a cream color, but she's actually a chocolate dilute because she has a chocolate nose. Wally, however, doesn't take after his mom in that way. He's a true cream colored puppy. Wally isn't the only cream puppy from his siblings. He has 3 brothers, one of which is also cream color. They look nearly identical at this age. I would say great l...


I named this little man Scooter because he was moving non-stop each time we took his photos---if he started getting too excited while walking around, he fell over, but kept moving by scooting himself along! He's such a hoot to watch try to run around. You can see how adorable he is in his videos that are posted on our website. Just like 2 of his sisters, he is also an orange sable, but he has a...


From the looks of the paws on this little girl, it seems as if she's wearing mittens. I thought the name was very fitting for her. She is a adorable orange sable color with white markings. The white fits perfectly just over her paws. She will just never be able to take those mittens off! With her orange hue, she will be gorgeous as an fully grown. Mittens does like to walk around and explore. S...


Marky Mark (Marky, for short) has exquisite black and tan markings! He doesn't waste time at all getting around on the floor and running around without a care in the world. He has no qualms about playing as soon as his feet touch the floor. Marky is also one of the puppies who is like a boomerang: we try to place him away from us for pictures, but he runs back to us each time. I'm surprised I w...


Ty is a sweet cream colored chunk monster! He has just a dash of white on his head, with a little on his paws, so he's not a solid cream color. He is, however, a beaver dilute because he has a brown nose. Ty is playful and certainly doesn't lack in personality! We are definitely going to have our hands full once this little guy figures out how to rule the roost! His favorite thing to do is this...
We would like to introduce YOGI who is extremely soft, really cute, and super friendly. He absolutely loves to please people and adores attention. Yogi will make someone an outstanding companion. He has been puppyhood vaccinated with the initial vaccination and two boosters. We don't cut corners with our pups and we do not sell before twelve weeks of age. We feel Japanese Chin pups are not old ...
Hi my name is Chubby. I love to play with any and all toys I can get a hold of!! I am super lovable and LOVE to be loved on. I'm a bit of a jealous guy so a home with me as the only fur child would be ideal. I have eyes that will melt your heart and a soul that will take you by surprise. I may be a senior but i'm a true puppy at heart. My dream would be to find a forever home with a family that...
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